Single Release: Dean Gibson

10/4/2020 9:00am

Top Photos of 2019

Today, the 10th of April, Dean is releasing his first ever single to share to the world.


He originally wrote the song while holidaying in Thailand last November, as he was by the pool with the sun beaming above him. The sonic direction of the song correlates well with the lyrics, as it sounds like the waves in the production represents actual waves when your on a beach.


The icing on the cake of course is being at the beach while the sun's out.  While we are approaching Autumn, this tune would surely make you excited for once summer rolls over later in the year!


These photos I've taken of Dean back in 2019 were a mixture of film & digital. Portraits were using a Pentax SFX with Kodak Gold, and the landscapes - if you'll call them that - were taken on my Canon 5Diii (24-70mm L lens). I never really shoot that much digital work, but I'm happy how these came out tbh!

Top Photos of 2019

31/12/19 1:14pm

Just a few of my personal favorites in 2019.


Guillaume in Wellington up the top left with sprocket hole photography (Lubitel 166b) and the bottom left with Amazir in the destruction of Christchurch. All of these shot with Ilford HP5+ and developed in Kodak D-76.


Photography by Tom Brehm // Lubitel 166b, Olympus SP35, Pentax SFX

Photoshoot with Dean Gibson

20/10/19 5:43pm

2019 has been an eventful year for Dean Gibson , as he has spent the majority of the year playing throughout the Wellington region and nationwide for notable acts such as Corduroy and Arjuna Oakes.


A natural on the Drums, Dean has had the privilege of performing at a variety of festivals and venues such as TSB's Festival of Lights, the Wellington Opera House, and even Dunedin's notorious Castle Street. He caps off the end of the decade by playing at Rhythm & Vines.


2020 is the beginning of Dean's solo music, as he begins to branch out into producing and releasing music that he has written over the past 18 months. This journey into a solo career will see him collaborate with known household artists from around the country.


Photography by Tom Brehm // Pentax SFX - Kodak 400

You can check Dean Gibson out here: